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Kojima Iryo Company Limited is an OEM company centered on the manufacturing of women's heavy clothing.   JAPANESE    


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  Kojima Hongkong Limited.


 Our company is an OEM manufacturer focusing on ladies' heavy clothing.
It was founded in Gifu-city in 1952.
 Overseas production began in Huangshi, Hubei Province, China in 1990, and currently there are a total of approximately 4,000 employees involved in production: 1 plant in China, 2 plants in Bangladesh, 1 plant in Myanmar, and 1 plant in the Philippines.

CEO  The environment surrounding us is constantly changing.
 The transfer of sewing, which used to be concentrated in China, to ASEAN countries is intensifying due to rising labor costs, labor shortages and environmental problems caused by economic growth.
  We also opened a new factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 2010.
 At present, we have about 1,500 employees and a monthly production of 120,000 pcs.
 A second plant opened in Bangladesh in 2015.
 The Myanmar Plant, which began operations in 2014, has grown to 1,000 employees and 65,000 pcs per month as of 2018.
 We also established the fourth ASEAN factory, KOJIMAIRYO PHILIPPINES INC. It is now in operation.
We will grow as a plant that is close to Japan and suitable for short cycles. We will continue to aim for a factory that can produce even higher quality heavy clothing.

 Meidao Plant (Huangshi, China), K&L Plant (Bangladesh No.1 Plant), KGB Plant (Bangladesh Factory No.2), JMKS Plant (Myanmar), and KPI Plant (Philippines) are all working hard to develop their strengths and meet customer needs.

 In fiscal 2017, we launched our new medium-term management plan, "Amazing 2019".
 All employees will work together to achieve the goals of the Medium-Term Management Plan and contribute to society with the aim of becoming a "A company that can surprise and impress customers".


Kojima Hong Kong Limited.
Flat D3, 13/F, Bold Win Industrial Building, NO. 16-18, Wah Sing Street, Kwai
Chung, N.T., Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2427-3211